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Step by step: Double your sales from email broadcasts in just a few weeks with no new leads.

Before you send another email, read these crystal clear instructions and learn to say exactly what your clients need to hear before they take action!

Step by step: Double your sales from email broadcasts in just a few weeks with no new leads.

Before you send another email, read these crystal clear instructions and learn to say exactly what your clients need to hear before they take action!

Did you know most people get less than half the results they should from their email list? What would your business look like if every broadcast you sent yielded DOUBLE the results?

We’re going to explain the exact steps we take to help clients create real excitement from their email list and double their results in a few short weeks. But that’s just the beginning, these principles will help you optimize your list for years to come.

By the time you finish reading this blog, you’re going to be crystal clear on what needs to happen to create a flawless customer experience and get them excited to get started.

Remember they were already so interested they gave you their contact information, so why aren’t they taking action?

They know who you are, they want your service… How can you determine what’s holding them back?

You might be thinking… “Hey, if you’re so good at this, why are you teaching me to do it free? Why not just sell your services?

Simple. The internet is packed with lessons and services helping you attract leads and new customers… but sorely lacking information to capitalize on that list you’ve worked so hard to build.

Unlike everyone out there just trying to make a buck from you, we’re a real professional company that specializes in helping clients, coaches and marketers double their email revenue in just the first few weeks… but our biggest goal is to help people out there just like us make a living.

So big picture and full disclosure… There are 2 ways we help:

We’re not scared of other marketers doing well, we know there’s PLENTY of business to go around and if you learn something great, hey, maybe you’ll want to work with us in the future.

How many emails flood your inbox every day? How many of them do you actually give a crap about opening? Everyone has an email series, but the devil is in the details, and if you don’t know that… well, I’m not sure why you’re even reading this blog.

If you like this information, how we operate and want to look at our risk-free model you can schedule a consultation call with us right here for details.

This blog is going to revolutionize the way you write your emails, and how you learn from good and bad emails to improve your process.

If you follow these instructions you’re going to see a phenomenal increase in your engagement rates, conversion rates, revenue and lifetime value.

Audience Segmentation & why it can boost sales by 100%

This is always the first step in improving your email prowess. If you’ve already done this… gold star! Read this section anyway though because you may still get some interesting ideas.

It just takes one irrelevant email for a customer to begin to doubt if you’ve got the solution to their problem. Think of it this way… Market to your people how YOU want to be marketed to. So let’s say you’re selling a weight loss program… your email list may contain men and women from ages 35-60, all interested in dropping some weight… If you’re sending them all the same email blast your options for really speaking to them are very limited.

What? But all my people are over 35 and interested in weight loss… they’re already segmented… hmmm are they?

Which offer/call to action would you think has a higher click through rate in these examples:

1. Lose 10lbs in 30 days With our Metablaze Fitness System, guaranteed! Click here to schedule a discovery call and see if you’re a good candidate. Or

2. It’s been proven that women between 45 and 65 have the hardest time dropping weight due to changing body chemistry. Metablaze System statistical data shows an average of 10 lbs lost in 30 days for women 35-65 because it’s customized synchrony method accounts for changing hormones and uses it to your advantage. Metablaze is unlike anything you’ve tried before and always comes with a 100% guarantee. Click here to schedule a discovery call and see if you’re a good candidate.

How about this one?

1. Gardner’s guide to the biggest juiciest tomatoes you’ve ever grown in your LIFE or money back! Click here to get our dirty hands tomato bible! OR

2. California tomatoes are tricky! Our Dirty Hands Tomato Bible guarantees our beloved west coasters the biggest tomatoes they’ve ever grown in their LIVES or money back!

It’s very obvious that option 2 is better in both cases… the first weight loss option is cool, some people will click, but when you send something that’s very specific to the reader and you show that you’re speaking to them precisely and you understand their exact weight loss circumstances or that growing veggies varies from one state to another, and you’re providing instructions for their exact state… you can SPEAK to your clients specifically which yields more clicks, schedules and excited leads ready to take action.

Depending on how you acquired your leads, you may have a very easy time segmenting your email list. If you used a survey or quiz for example… you can look at their answers and sort appropriately.

You may have brought in emails from various lead magnets, funnels or landing pages that indicate certain interests… you may have prior ecom purchase history to work with that indicates interest/data, all of these are great, and it means you have what you need to segment your list.

Every business is different but some information that may be helpful to know is:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Income level

  • Location

  • Job

  • Relationship status…

Any and all indicators of things you’d want in an ideal customer/client that will help you speak to them.

If you haven’t gotten leads in a way that’s simple to segment, don’t worry! You can always do a cool quiz or survey to your email list that gives them a valuable freebie and lets them bucket themselves for you.

If all your customers don’t take the quiz or survey or end up in a formal “bucket”, don’t stress, we can help you do it, but there’s tons more tips we’re about to go over.

Intake surveys and quizzes are fun for potential customers (if you write them properly) and a simple way to gather the data you need, If you’re not presently sorting at the time of lead capture, consider this as an option.

Just make sure you do all you can to bucket any leads you already have, and if your data is limited, set up data points for future leads so your list moving forward is optimized.

The more specific you can be with your clients, the more you can SPEAK to them.

Targeted Email Campaigns & the difference you can expect with targeting:

When we segment a list and speak to clients directly our company typically improves click through rates 1-200%. Talking to a smaller group is too powerful to ignore so while the step of segmenting your list does take some time and dedication, it should never be skipped.

Content Creation and AI, how to develop value driven content for your audience

Ok, here’s where things get interesting!

I’m going to ask you again to think about the emails you like to read, the things you look for in your own inbox that you don’t skip. You read the emails that give value. Emails that solve your problems, give you ideas, inspire you, offer a sale or just get your juices flowing.

We only like marketers that deliver value to us. Every email you give your followers should give a piece of value to them. Those are little nuggets that make them gravitate to your emails in a sea of emails that they don’t want to read.

Don’t be afraid to give your clients information that solves a problem or part of a problem they have, it builds trust. Or course you can’t let them go through your program, coach them or mail them your products for free, but to build trust you should be helping them.

Every client on your list should get great information simply for being on your list.

Remember this is about THEM, not you. If you want to solve their problem, earn their trust and get them to take action, we have to build some trust. We have to give them a taste of what you can do and show them you understand and feel their pain points and you truly are the solution.

Content is KING. When your content delivers value to your clients, it will build trust and provide the action behavior you need.

So Can Artificial Intelligent content generators provide great copy and deliver value?

The honest answer… Maybe. But it’s rare.

The clients that are our personal favorite to work with are the ones currently using AI…

For us this means we can do the absolute MOST to improve their conversion rates because AI can’t empathize and speak to your clients. They can’t feel their pain or understand how you are their solution and express that the same way a good writer can. AI isn’t going to emotionally prepare your action takers… our advice, take the time to make your content REAL. It shows.

Remember how you want to be marketed to…

Do you want to read something a computer vomited out so the guy trying to “earn your trust” didn’t have to take the time to write a few sentences?

Email Design: getting visually appealing and mobile responsive

When we say getting visually appealing… This is a very fluid point. Some emails perform best if they are graphic free and look like an email from a friend. Others do best with wild colors, stunning images and eye-catching sales.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes… if you’re selling exercise wear, you’re going to need lots of visuals to show off clothing from different positions and highlight your product versatility… But if you’re selling a coaching program to a small group of clients, the email will likely perform better if it appears to be a hand typed note to the client giving them a few tips and pointers to get through an upcoming challenge.

The point is to be visually appealing as per your audience needs.

Just as important, are your emails and links all being responsive on all devices. Nothing could be worse than putting in the effort to optimize your email series, getting clients to take action and your links don’t work!

ALWAYS take the time to send a test email to yourself or someone on your team and test all the links and responsiveness of the email. I’d like to say I didn’t learn this the hard way many years ago, but that wouldn’t be true. I lost some sales with dumb mistakes I’ll never make again.

Testing and optimizing: split testing for performance:

This is one of the most basic principles we use when optimizing our websites, however very few marketers ever implement this strategy in their email list.

Your email list is not only one of the best ways you have to make money without additional ad spend, but they’ve already shown they’re interested and they care about what you’re offering…

This is not the time to drop the ball on testing. Here’s where it’s the most important to dial in your email series. Determine what kind of content they want, what kind of flow and content order they respond to best, what offers they are most likely to accept and the list goes on and on.

Random split testing of different emails on the same segment of your list will tell you how similar groups of people are likely to respond to two different emails and which email will outperform the other.

Important note: When split testing, just like on a website or funnel, it’s vital to test ONE variable at a time.

For example… write an email and send the email to the entire list/segment of your list. Send to half with one subject and half with another subject. See which subject performs better by which group opened more of the emails.

Or send the same email to the group but send half of them a more specific call to action.

Or send an email with short copy vs long copy.

Whatever you’re trying to test, make sure you only change one variable in the email from your control email. It’s the only way to be certain of the factors affecting change in performance.

Remember if you’re not comfortable looking at data or don’t want to learn these skills, we are scheduling consultation calls to explain how we do all this for you and guarantee you won’t lose money.

Automation: How much is too much and how much is just right:

I know I can’t keep saying this… but because each business is so different, there’s no right answer for everyone. You need to read the room and think about what brings value to your customers.

A lot of marketers will tell you that you can set up an automated email series for X amount of time, put it on a loop, set it and forget it… there may be some businesses that get away with that, but in the industries that come to us, their customers are too savvy for that tactic to work for long.

We’ve seen best results with a hybrid system… for saving staff time and efforts the more automation you have, saves money, which is a good thing. However based on current news, weather, products, styles, customer needs, wants and the list goes on and on.. It’s 100% essential to stay timely and relevant. We can typically automate 50% of your email list, but that means you should be getting in front of them with something fresh and relevant 50% of the time as well.

Staying current makes your emails significantly more interesting, shows you’re still around, you’re current and ready to help.

So our aim is 50% automation, 50% fresh, this may vary slightly depending on your service, but that’s a safe number to shoot for.

Data Analysis: How to read your results and how to continue improving:

For us, this is the fun part. Here’s where you get to start seeing improvements to your email performance in real time! No matter what tracking software you choose, you MUST choose one for this to be effective.

Data might as well be diamonds when it comes to improving your business. Whatever program you choose to track your results, keep a few things in mind…

More than one factor could lead to an increase or decrease in sales/calls.

For example:

  • A big shift in the weather

  • School starting and parents being preoccupied

  • Major holidays

  • Google algorithm changes

  • An outside blog post or referral post going well

  • Good or bad reviews

The point is…data is tricky, don’t jump in with both feet and start testing until you can see exactly what your results are. You need to know exactly how your changes affect your results. Don’t assume a spike or a dip in sales is associated, be SURE. Because you know what they say about assuming… Just saying. Data is power, make sure your tracking is solid!

Once you know your tracking is good, it’s time to monitor results! See how each broadcast affects your sales, see who opens, vs clicks or takes action. Each one of these data points tells you something. If they are opening your emails but they aren’t clicking…

This means your subject line was good! They’re interested, they’ve opened. But if they didn’t bite on your call to action and proceed past the email, it means your content or offer needs some tweaking.

If they click but don’t schedule, it means your email was perfect, they opened, they clicked, but we need to create more compelling copy or a cooler offer on the schedule/purchase page.

Data tells us exactly where improvements are needed. Remember, if data and tracking isn’t your thing. We have your back and we can help.

Reporting, for those who work with us…

how our reporting works:

We realize this is a lot to digest, but the goal here is for you to get results! Your email list can be your most valuable asset if you use it right. Don’t delay and don’t give it half your effort. You’ve already done the work to build a great list!

This part is so much easier than what you’ve already accomplished! Put yourself in your customers shoes and be what they need to hear. Market how you want to be marketed too.

If you like the method here but want us to help you fire it up, we guarantee we will DOUBLE your email sales in a few weeks. Here’s how it works, what we accomplish and what we report to you:

  • Audience segmentation + management - Not only do we segment your audience for you, but we will manage your list ongoing, properly bucketing new leads and optimizing your process.

  • Customized email campaigns - working with you, we will customize various email campaigns based on the type of customers you’re reaching out to and what messages they need to hear to increase actions taken.

  • Campaigns and automations installed ongoing - we will automate all emails that should be automated and make a solid schedule for the rest of the broadcasts to optimize your results.

  • Testing and optimization - With ideas for you, we will handle all the split testing and optimizing of the emails continuously.

  • Email design + content creation - Never worry about email designs or content again. This is our specialty and you can simply forget you ever had it as a chore and enjoy watching an optimized customer journey, ending with you.

  • Weekly reporting - Every week we will touch bases, go over results, and plan for further improvements and ideas for growth.

We want you to succeed whether you work with us or not. We care about businesses small and large providing good services for people that need them.

You don’t need to use us, if you’ve got the time and know-how, dig in baby and get this rolling. If not, let us help you ramp up quick. Either way, dig in and win!

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