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6-Figure Case Studies
It surprised me to learn that my clients and partners may want their success stories hidden.  Looking back it makes sense.  When you win big, it's best to stay off the radar.

So, while I'd love to share the gory details behind the 6, 7 and 8 figure campaigns, my hands are tied.  BUT

I'm not leaving you empty-handed.  Instead, I can give you the big picture.  For anyone interested in exploding their sales, profits and income… and…

… wondering how a ninja-like copywriter can help them get there.
The Incestuous World Of Marketing...
… or how I turned a flat-lining campaign into 6 figures in 6 months.

Often clients find me with a finished sales funnel in hand.  The problem?

They want to know WHY the sales are not rolling in.  Maybe you've had the same thought,

“Why is this not working when THIS GUY is doing the exact same thing?”

The answer is the reason why only a handful of companies knock it out of the park with their copy.

Let me explain while modeling what works is a great mantra...  You can grow quickly by looking around your market, spying on the top companies, and improving their systems.

The issue is that my future clients and partners SWIPE without a second thought.

They borrow liberally from other campaigns and wonder why they’re not seeing the same success.

There’s just one problem with doing that.  Timing!

Unfortunately, those other guys were first. And whatever they did, is likely to NOT be as effective second time around.

So model success... yet get creative where you can.

Based on that principle, I turned around a campaign in the alternative health niche from a bland melting pot of "The Secret" and the thousand other similar offers to a win.


We still nailed the biggest pains and benefits his audience suffered from BUT we used a unique hook that stands out from the crowd.

The result?

A $1.4 million promotion. All stemming from one little $37 video series.

And now let’s move across to the health market…
How To Generate Millions Of Dollars (By Keeping Your Media Buyer Happy)

I recently met an Email Income Expert who bought me a drink in San Diego.

It turns out this fellow works writing a daily newsletter and social media posts for one of my previous clients for a weight loss product!

He loved the offer because whenever it was time to promote it, it sold like hot cakes.

Hot cakes that can burn your stubborn belly fat =P

He said it was like printing money.

And here was his secret weapon…

The copy was stuffed full of memorable little hooks, tests, angles, and clever phrases.  Stuff that’s fuel for anyone writing up ads. Just like a social media marketer.

So, this guy had a ton of fun crafting tiny little ads based on catchphrases from the sales copy. It also helped that he’s a pro at email marketing, a largely under-utilized sales tool.

The promotion was a simple little $47 video series. Yet, thanks to the sales copy (of course!), a quality product… and innovative ads…

… it rolled into a 7-figure leviathan rapidly.

Why not do this too? 

Inject enough uniqueness into every promotion so that you have plenty to run with for all your traffic-mongering communications.
The Legendary Marketing Advise That
 Is Even More Right Today
Nothing strokes the ego more than hitting a grand slam on a big product launch.

Or to blow your competition to smithereens with your cold traffic campaign...

But my favorite promotions are the ones that gain momentum slowly.

Gradually affiliates find you… the list is growing… and you build on initial success with one back-end product after another.

It's weird how all we ever hear about are those overnight success stories. Yet often times, it was an overnight success that took years of planning.

However, I've seen that ANYONE can make a great product and build a massive lasting six, seven or even eight-figure business… with the right sales copy and marketing strategy.


My aim is to keep updating this page and add more detail as I do so.

I hope these insights proved useful.

If you too would like…

A winning cold traffic campaign capable of scaling up to 8-figures a year and beyond…

A product launch that gets affiliates chomping at the bit to promote…

Or a ‘slow and steady’ info-product empire built on the timeless foundation of building a relationship with your prospects and customers… and… giving them plenty of opportunities to buy…

… then I invite you to drop me a line. I’d love to hear your vision and perhaps explore the possibility of working together…

Drop me a line here…
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